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‘FRAGRANT SONG PLAY’- with Trish Watts (Online Zoom Bloom!)

Sat 25 Sep 3.30-5pm (SYD); 3-4.30pm (ADL); 5.30-7pm (NZ); 11am-12.30pm (India)

Singing ditties while we walk is natural, especially in Springtime! Let’s wake up our melodious tones from their winter, lockdown slumber and get humming and singing again. Expect movement with spontaneous song, and bursts of trickster character to entertain us all! Beginners and seasoned InterPlayers are welcome- invite your friends! A Zoom link will be forwarded after registration closer to the event.

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Trish Watts

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Trisha Watts Sacred Music?

Contact Willow Publishing Inc :

How do I contact Trish Watts?

Please email or message on FaceBook here.

Who would benefit from Voice Movement Therapy?

Anyone seeking:

  • confidence in their vocal presence with singing, speaking or standing up for themselves
  • to de-stress from overwhelming of emotions that are difficult to navigate
  • to find comfort and expression of grief and sorrow
  • to alleviate painful emotional and physical blocks held in body memory
  • to find their creative, imaginative voice that wants safety to play and experiment
  • more embodiment and expression of their whole being- voice, spirit, body and soul

For more information check: International Association for Voice Movement Therapy:

Would I benefit from Voice Movement Therapy?

What is InterPlay®?

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. It uses the 5 freedom paths of movement, story, song, stillness and connection to build community and self- knowledge through play.

InterPlay is easy, fun and life changing. It is based in a series of incremental ‘forms’ that lead participants to create in the moment. In the process we discover the wisdom in ourselves and our communities.

For more information check: InterPlayAustralia: and InterPlay USA: