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InterPlay Trish Watts Soul Voice Therapy Coach
soul voice coach trish watts

My life is built on the bedrock of play – hopscotch, swings, droving sheep and feeding chickens and horses were all part of my everyday life as a child. The raw elements of sunshine, rain, mud and space to breath, were the primary backdrop through which life was revealed to me. There was always something to play with and create from!

Wonder and imagination went hand in hand – a stick became a wand, a stone a ball, puddles an opportunity to jump. Singing to the trees, the animals, and especially singing in harmony with the wind, became a language of communion with a breathing planet. No wonder I was attracted to InterPlay®.

What is InterPlay?

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body.

It is devoted to fun, teaching the language and ethic of play in a deep and powerful way.

It is based on a series of incremental ‘forms’ that lead participants to movement and stories, silence and song, ease and amusement. In the process, we discover wisdom in ourselves and our communities.

InterPlay has been developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter over the last thirty years and it has spread around the world.

If you would like to become a “recovering serious person”, then InterPlay is for you!

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The Healing Arts

My Dad often called me the ‘delicate’ one in the family. At first, I was horrified hearing this, as my first thought was of a porcelain doll. On reflection, I realise he was right. I had very sensitive ears and couldn’t bear the sound of raised voices or loud banging sounds. As soon as I could play the piano, I would take refuge in scales and arpeggios, I found the patterns soothing and absorbing. Gradually I added my voice to this accompaniment.
Today, I use my auditory sensitivity to hear things that others can’t. It makes me strong as a Voice Movement Therapy practitioner and Singer as I can hear and feel nuances in the voice that register an emotional response in my own body & spirit.

soul voice coach trish watts

Voice Movement Therapy

soul voice coach trish watts

What is Voice Movement Therapy?

Be seen, be heard, be felt and be acknowledged!

There is an inner impulse in all of us to express our needs and desires; we want to be seen and heard. The modality of Voice Movement Therapy facilitates transformation that enables us to liberate and reclaim our voice for speaking our truth and singing our soul.

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Community Singing 

Since time began villages were known by their tribal and cultural songs. The beat of rhythm & melody forecast a new day, gratitude for the harvest, protest against violence and the heralding of ancestral stories.

Songs were used to reinforce community spirit, solidarity & keep up morale. 

Today community singing workshops & choirs have emerged as a way of keeping us connected through troubled times. Songs carry great power, they hold medicine for the downhearted & boldness for the brave.

Community singing is home base for me, it’s how I know and feel my sense of belonging, worth and spiritual identity. Singing in choirs taught me how to blend, respect another’s voice, and trust that we are stronger together than apart.




Musical Director

  • ‘Colla Voce’- an 8-piece vocal ensemble, featuring world music – 10 years.
  • Sydney Threshold Choir – 10 years
  • Cambodia Threshold Choir – 3 years
  • Phnom Penh Music Art School Community Choir – 3 years

Member of

soul voice coach trish watts
inter play trish watts vocal coach
willow publishing trish watts
voice movement therapy
soul voice coach trish watts

Who do I Work With?

Artists, singers, people seeking community connection, cultural groups, visionaries and educators to inspire and evoke honest expression.

I help seekers find their own genuine voice through embodiment and play.

Those in transition, seeking refuge, belonging and sanctuary.

soul voice coach trish watts


  • Diploma of Voice Movement Therapy – The Norma G. Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy, USA 2005
  • InterPlay Australia Trainer and Leader- over 30 years experience
  • Co-founded Cambodia Sings! – 2015 with Elain Younn
  • Co-founded InterPlay® Australia- 1988 with Rod Pattenden and Susanna Pain
  • Co-founded Willow Publishing Pty Ltd. 1980’s with Monica O’Brien
  • Diploma of Music Education – NSW Conservatorium of Music, Australia 1979.
  • Accredited Singing and Piano Teacher, NSW Conservatorium of Music, Australia 1979.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Trisha Watts Sacred Music?

Contact Willow Publishing Inc :

How do I contact Trish Watts?

Please email 

Who would benefit from Voice Movement Therapy?

Anyone seeking:

  • confidence in their vocal presence with singing, speaking or standing up for themselves
  • to de-stress from overwhelming of emotions that are difficult to navigate
  • to find comfort and expression of grief and sorrow
  • to alleviate painful emotional and physical blocks held in body memory
  • to find their creative, imaginative voice that wants safety to play and experiment
  • more embodiment and expression of their whole being- voice, spirit, body and soul

For more information check: International Association for Voice Movement Therapy:

Would I benefit from Voice Movement Therapy?

What is InterPlay®?

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. It uses the 5 freedom paths of movement, story, song, stillness and connection to build community and self- knowledge through play.

InterPlay is easy, fun and life changing. It is based in a series of incremental ‘forms’ that lead participants to create in the moment. In the process we discover the wisdom in ourselves and our communities.

For more information check: InterPlayAustralia: and InterPlay USA: