About Trish Watts

About Trish

soul voice coach trish watts

I am Trish Watts, Singer, Community Song Leader, InterPlay® Leader, and Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner.

I love lifting morale in troubled times by helping seekers build friendship and trust through singing and play.

I help to enthuse the creative energy to birth what is meaningful and foster care and compassion for new ideas and projects

I create safe spaces where the tools for spiritual and cultural transformation can rise.

I seek to inspire wonder and awe as pathways for innovative expression

I animate confidence to befriend the fear of being heard, seen and felt. Wrapping broken wings with the salve of serenade and the joy of generosity.

I use singing and active imagination to encourage harmony and social cohesion through affirmation, deep listening and embodiment.

I apply songs as medicine for the down hearted & lightning for the brave-hearted.

I offer reassurance to both the disillusioned professional vocalist and the intrepid bathroom singer.

Each group and individual has its own vocal story which deserves to be shared. I aim to acknowledge and witness yours.

Your unique biography and signature sound is worthy of appreciation. Together we will create a feast of rhythm, melody and song that nourishes your soul and helps you step up with confidence.

No one moves or sounds like you!

soul voice coach trish watts

My Story

“No matter if you’re a bathroom warbler or a karaoke kid, everybody has a voice and every culture needs its voice. We simply feel more alive and embodied when we use it!”

– Trish Watts

soul voice coach trish watts
soul voice coach trish watts
soul voice coach trish watts
soul voice coach trish watts

I was launched into life by the singing of my village church choir and instilled with a dream of singing as a way of life and a medicine for all.


My life’s work is anchored in the bedrock of ‘play’. I am trained in InterPlay ® – an improvisational community arts practice, founded by Cynthia Winton-Henry & Phil Porter of the USA. Both the philosophy and the community of InterPlay® have maintained and sustained my life as a creative artist for over 30 years.

Understanding the link between emotion, embodiment and expression was a hunger.

It led me to study Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) in 2001, with the Norma Canner Foundation in the USA.

Coupled with my love for travel and connecting with different cultures, I began facilitating Voice Movement Therapy and InterPlay ® workshop programs nationally and internationally.

My young adult years were engaged as a singer /songwriter, and as a performing/recording artist with Willow Music, now known as Willow Publishing Pty Ltd.

My winding career as a performing artist, teacher and therapy practitioner opened doors for me to travel around Australia and to the USA, the UK, Europe and South Africa. More recently, I lived in Phnom Penh and co-founded Cambodia Sings! – a not-for-profit organization to rekindle the love of singing for all Cambodians.

Directing a cappella Community Choirs is also part of my lifeblood. These have included Colla Voce, an 8-voice ensemble, the Sydney and Cambodia Threshold Choirs (singers who sing at bedsides in palliative care and recovery), and more recently the Music Arts School Community Choir of Phnom Penh.

Whether working with groups or individuals, I aim to evoke respect, joy, energy, freedom, trust and connection.

soul voice coach trish watts


  • The Norma G. Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy USA 2005 Diploma
  • InterPlay Australia Trainer and Leader- over 30 years experience
  • Co-founded Cambodia Sings! – 2015 with Elain Younn
  • Co-founded InterPlay® Australia- 1988 with Rod Pattenden and Susanna Pain
  • Co-founded Willow Publishing Pty Ltd. 1980’s with Monica O’Brien
  • Diploma of Music Education – NSW Conservatorium of Music, Australia 1979.
  • Accredited Singing and Piano Teacher, NSW Conservatorium of Music, Australia 1979.

What do I Offer?

What do I Offer?

I offer workshop and retreat programs to…
soul voice coach trish watts
  • Help your community or group find the joy of singing together. Transforming fear of difference through harmony and celebrating the beauty of being human.
  • Provide groups and individuals with a nourishing, safe space to navigate restless waters by using the creative arts of singing, poetry, movement and ritual.
  •  Animate spirit and soul transformation in times of grief, gratitude and transition.
  • Help you in discovering the link between emotion, embodiment and self-expression.
    • Practice Self-Care, creating spaces to breathe, de-stress and come home to yourself and your community.
    • Develop soul nourishment and healing using singing meditations, and deep listening.
    Who do I work with?

    Who do I work with?

    Artists, singers, people seeking community connection, cultural groups, visionaries and educators to inspire and evoke honest expression.

    I help seekers find their own genuine voice through embodiment and play.

    Those in transition, seeking refuge, belonging and sanctuary.

    soul voice coach trish watts
    soul voice coach trish watts

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